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Hello dear friend! Before we carry on and you become a full member of our brotherhood, let's discuss some rules of our society. Please read this text carefully, because your place in our brotherhood will depend on your observance of the following set of rules and regulations.

I would like to note that registration in our brotherhood is not just an opportunity to receive additional discounts and other delicacies. It means that you are joining a group of like-minded people who consider aggressive sport is a lifestyle and who are wholeheartedly devoted to the Ripot.lv project.

What is Ripot Brotherhood and why/who is it created for? The only purpose of creating this project is a desire to unite all our riders even stronger and provide them with the opportunity to receive desired products cheaper and with more interest. This system is designed to support any boy or girl who likes extreme sports and wants to become a part of our big family. We would like to note once again that this registration is intended for those who regularly get involved in extreme sports and buy or plan to buy things in our store.

What does such registration give you? The brotherhood that we have created both gives you great opportunities and imposes special obligations on you. A registered client can always purchase products with permanent discounts. Moreover, when reaching a certain level, such client receives many different bonus chips and also, when purchasing a product or if a product was purchased by your acquaintance/friend, you receive additional honour points that you can spend on exclusive products available only to the members of the brotherhood. Honour points are also awarded to the brotherhood's most active members.

What is the process of registration? After we receive requests for registration we check every potential applicant. If we discover that you are worthy of being a member of our brotherhood you will receive a confirmation email to log in and become a full member of our society with all the ensuing consequences. We reserve the right to dismiss registration of a user if he or she does not meet certain criteria of our code.

Code of honour for members of our brotherhood:
Membership in the brotherhood gives you not only privileges, but also requires observance of the personal code of honour of the society member.

  1. All members of the society must be wholeheartedly and soulfully devoted to our store. This means being on the same page with us. All products should be purchased only in our store or ordered only through our store.
  2. Any registered user undertakes to show our store only to good advantage (that's how it really is), and persuade all other riders, especially the followers of other stores, to join our community.
  3. Members of our brotherhood are strictly prohibited from any cooperation with 'rats' and their dump. This is an extremely important rule and failure to comply with it will automatically result in expulsion from the brotherhood.
  4. The foundations of our brotherhood include honesty, orderliness, justice, friendliness and openness. Also, if someone in our group behaves unpleasantly and violates the basic fundamentals of our society, he or she may be expelled from the brotherhood.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to use your account in the system to provide discounts to your friends or acquaintances. If we find out that someone is cheating and that neighbours of the same courtyard submit orders through one user, such user will be expelled from the brotherhood immediately and without any right to recovery, losing all awarded honour points and discounts.
  6. If we see that someone from users of the system stops placing orders and is not active during the year, we reserve the right to exclude such member from the brotherhood and close access to the system.
  7. We reserve the right to expel from the brotherhood any member who, in our opinion, does not comply with the code of honour of our society.

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