Our company provides quality warranty for the offered products in compliance with the  legislation in force in Latvia. All the goods offered for sale have valid manufacturer’s warranty  of 1 year. If any defects or damages are found within the scope of warranty, our service provides  timely diagnostics and repair of the equipment. In cases when a manufacturing defect is very  serious, immediate replacement of the failing product with another equal one is performed. Also  company also provides post-warranty service for the products we offer.  Warranty repair is only provided when the client can present documents confirming purchase of  the relevant equipment. Purchased equipment may be returned within 14 days as from the  moment of purchase after the client has provided a substantiated reason for this. In this case we  either return the full purchase price to the buyer or replace the product.

Warranty does not cover

worn spare parts of a scooter or other equipment. For example, tyres, chains, “stars”, etc. These  parts are only replaced within the scope of warranty if they have an initial production defect. 

Warranty refusal

Our company maintains the right to refuse warranty repair in any of the below cases: 

  • The equipment has been used for purposes it is not intended for, resulting in its damage  or breaking.
  • The client cannot present documents attesting the purchase for the equipment for which  warranty repair is claimed.
  • The buyer has attempted to repair an equipment damage independently or by using  technical means not approved by the service. 
  • During the operation of the equipment, operation conditions have been violated, for  example, exceeding permitted weight or age limits during operation, etc.